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Why Your Small Business Needs a Good Website

Not having a website could cost your business.

Not having a website could end up costing your business.

For some small businesses, the cost of establishing a website can seem prohibitive; however, recent data suggests that businesses without websites are missing out on many customers and sales opportunities.  Approximately 90% of nonfood retail purchases begin online as shoppers check out products, compare prices and hunt for deals.  Even if your business does not have an online store, a website can still be a vital marketing tool:  97% of Internet users say they go online to find local restaurants and other businesses.1

If you are a small business owner without a website, this could end up costing you more in lost sales and marketing than the one-time cost of developing a website.

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Further information about our web development services at Collaboration 133 is available here.

1Source:  Kiplinger

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