Update from LinkedIn: RSS Issues Have Been Fixed

Back in December, we wrote about how it appeared that LinkedIn, despite posting healthy profits, had not figured out how to get RSS feeds to work on company pages.

Perhaps our post galvanized them to act.  We recently received a follow up response from LinkedIn support stating that the issue had been fixed:

We’re happy to report that our engineering team has fixed this issue with custom RSS feed data showing on Company Pages! Thanks again for bringing it to our attention.

If you are still experiencing this problem, please reply to this message with a screen shot image of your issue and we can proceed to investigate the issue further.

Upon checking our LinkedIn company page, we saw posts from our blog displayed:

Posts from the C133 Blog displaying on LinkedIn after an issue with LinkedIn's RSS functionality was fixed.

As we haven’t been posting that often over the past month, it remains to be seen how frequently the blog posts displayed on LinkedIn update.  Hopefully this one will be visible soon.  If so, thanks for taking care of this LinkedIn.

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