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Setting Background Images in the Thesis Theme for WordPress

Adding a background image is a nice way to customize and add some style to your site or blog. If you are using the Thesis Theme for WordPress it is also fairly simple and straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

1) Upload the Background Image to WordPress
You can upload via FTP or by logging in to WP Admin > Media > Add New > Upload

Note the location / URL of the background image for later.

2) Edit the Stylesheet:
Go to Thesis > Custom File Editor > Edit custom.css

Paste the below code into the editor edit it to reflect the URL the background image:

/* to set background image */
body.custom {

Note: Make sure not to delete the single quotes or parentheses around the URL.

3) Refresh your site
The new background will appear.

Note: You may have to clear your cache as well

Congratulations on your new background!

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