Search Engine Optimization

    Optimizing your website for search

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website so that the site will appear higher in search results for desired keywords. By appearing higher up in search rankings on major search engines, the increased visibility of the site generates more traffic.

    The SEO process can be lengthy, but is ultimately very rewarding and often drives traffic to your site for years to come. We offer everything from starter packages that address SEO fundamentals to ongoing engagements designed for continuous, long term growth. Request a free analysis to have us review your website and provide recommendations for improvements that are proven to benefit both search ranking and traffic volume.

    Much of SEO work is changing or building content and the relationships your brand has online, waiting for results, and then adjusting the process accordingly. Depending on the behavior of search engines and how results are measured, improvements can be seen in as little time as one week or as long as several months.

    A good SEO campaign begins with an audit of of your brands online profile, including websites, social media channels, the targeted keywords, and other offsite elements. We use state of the art tools to measure how relevant your current search terms are, how much traffic they receive, and how competitive they are within your industry. We use the same tools to identify new keywords that will also drive traffic to your site. After the initial analysis we will be able to suggest a selection of keywords that will work to drive traffic to your site.

    Our SEO techniques

    • Content is one of the most important factors that search engines consider when reviewing your site. We optimize content and site copy around your selected keywords in a way that is beneficial to search engines yet remains natural and readable to customers. Content should be easily distributed throughout the site.
    • Images cannot be seen by search engines. To compensate, we make sure that image titles and descriptions are tagged with the right keywords so they can be appropriately identified by search engines.
    • URLs should be optimized for keywords and 301 redirects appropriately implemented to allow search engines to easily navigate your site.
    • Header tags tell search engines what the most important content on the page is. Appropriate use of header tags can help boost your search engine rankings.
    • Anchor text defines site linking structure which in turn determines how visitors navigate your site. Likewise, it points the way for search engines when crawling and indexing your site.
    • Sitemaps help search engines determine which content to look at and rank how important it is. We create up-to-date XML and HTMLsite maps for you and submit them to all of the major search engines.
    • META tags may not be the cornerstone for SEO that they once were, but it is still worth having them in order. META tags give a first impression of a site and help search engines determine the phrases in content that are keywords.
    • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are great resources for monitoring the traffic and conversions your site has received and ensuring that it meets the standards needed for good SEO.
    • Blog posts are a good method of establishing social networks, building traffic, expressing yourself as an authority within your brand’s industry, and spreading news about your products. After establishing a company blog we can develop content or give you pointers so you can do it yourself.
    • Search engine submissions are important because customers won’t find you if search engines don’t know about you. By manually submitting to the top search engines, we can give you a much better chance of being listed and found by your potential customers.
    • Press releases allow you to widely distribute content. They may be published on social media or found by your customers through search engines. Through writing and submitting well-crafted press releases, you can bolster your reputation as an authority in the industry and increase the amount of backlinks pointing to your site.
    • Engaging visitors once they reach your site ensures that they will spend more time on your site learning about your brand and browsing your products. Whether visitors stay or not is measured by a site’s bounce rate, which is the percentage of visits where the visitor enters and exits at the same page without visiting any other pages on the site in between. The visual presentation of the website’s content is essential in keeping visitors interested. If you are looking for a fresh new site design, let us know. We are experienced in website design and development that optimizes the user experience.
    • SEO reports keep you up-to-date on campaign developments and progress and provide valuable benchmarks for measuring campaign success. Reports include visitors metrics, onsite content performance, conversions rates, and keyword ranks.

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