Magento: Restrict Shipping to Lower 48 US States with Matrix Rates Plugin

Being able to restrict shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states can be very useful for online retailers, especially if they offer free shipping or run promotions;  shipping to Alaska (AK) and Hawaii (HI) may often be too expensive to offer free of charge.

The tutorial below details how to restrict shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states (this example will also include Washington D.C.) and set the price for each state with the MatrixRate Extension.

MatrixRate Configuration

Screenshot #1: MatrixRate Configuration Settings for Lower 48 U.S. states in Magento.

Step 1: Backup
Backup your files and database.

Step 2: Install via Magento Connect
Install the MatrixRate Extension via Magento Connect.

Step 3: Configuration

  • Log into your Magento Admin Panel and refresh the cache.
  • Locate and enable the shipping method called Webshopapps Matrix Rates now in Configuration > Shipping Methods (see screenshot #1).
  • Enter the desired values and save.
  • Select Main Website or your website view under Current Configuration Scope in the upper left-hand corner of the Configuration page.
  • MatrixRate Import CSV

    Screenshot #2: MatrixRate CSV Import for Lower 48 U.S. states in Magento.

    A import box and button should now appear under in MatrixRates (see screenshot #2)

Step 4: Create CSV File
Now that the extension is installed, a CSV file with the shipping settings must be created. Fortunately, we’ve done all the work for you here.  Just download this CSV file with the MatrixRate settings for restricting free shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states:  matrixrate-lower-48-us-states-and-dc.

To change prices for states simply enter the new price under Shipping Price in Column H of the CSV file.  Zero (o) gives free shipping.

To add states copy a line, paste it at the bottom of the file, and update the two digit state code to the state you wish to add in the pasted line.  To delete states find the line with the appropriate two digit state code and delete it.

Further information on creating the CSV file, including details about setting up Zip Code numeric ranges is available here.

Additional sample CSV files with a variety of configurations are available here.

Step 5: Import CSV File
Once the CSV file is ready to import, click the browse button in MatrixRate and select the CSV file.  Save the MatrixRate configuration in Magento to upload the CSV file (any errors will be reported here, although the example CSV file is tested error free).  Check to ensure that the rules set up in the CSV file are working for your products.  The appropriate shipping rates for the various areas defined in the CSV file should appear in the front end during checkout.

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