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Satollo’s Newsletter Plugin for WordPress is an excellent option for those looking to manage newsletters through WordPress.  The Newsletter Plugin complies with double-opt in anti-spam standards and has many useful features, such as custom themes.

Unfortunately, instructions on how to create custom themes are rather hard to find on Satollo’s page (they are buried in archives somewhere and took us some time to locate).  So we have updated and published the instructions for creating custom templates for the Newsletter WordPress Plugin below.

Please note before beginning:

  • The Newsletter Plugin comes with two pre-built themes.  They are located in the /wp-content/plugins/newsletter/themes.
  • Each theme’s folder has, at a minimum, a theme.php.  Have a look at the two pre-built themes to familiarize yourself with the structure. An example of a typical structure for a theme folder is below:
  • theme-folder-name
    -- theme.php (mandatory)
    -- style.css (optional)
    -- other files or folders i.e. images (optional)

  • The Newsletter Plugin supports CSS from from version 1.4.7 onward;  you can add a style.css stylesheet in a theme’s folder.  This stylesheet will be loaded when you select the corresponding theme in the Newsletter editor.

To create a custom Newsletter theme:

  1. Create a folder called “newsletter-custom” in /wp-content/plugins”.
  2. Create a folder named “themes” in /wp-content/plugins/newsletter-custom/.
  3. Copy one of the pre-built theme folders to /wp-content/plugins/newsletter-custom/themes.
  4. Change the pre-built theme folder you just copied to something like “custom-theme-1”.
  5. This custom themes will be listed in email compose page by the name of their folder i.e. “custom-theme-1”.
  6. All of a theme’s files, typically image files, have to be stored in theme’s folder.

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