Content Management

    Website development is just the beginning. Once built, a site needs to be updated regularly with new content or site traffic will stagnate. New content helps a site with search engine rankings and draws new visitors to the site. If you are running an eCommerce site, shoppers who come for the information offered on the site will often stay on your site to make their purchase. Good content generates revenue from an eCommerce perspective. Last, but not least, site content should be optimized so that content is in the most convenient location for a site’s users. We offer a comprehensive package that addresses all these needs or we can customize our Content Management services depending on your needs.

    •   We understand that constantly generating fresh content and ideas for your website may be an intimidating task. Thus we are able to work with you to develop content and keep your site fresh. We have writers on staff that can help with this process.
    •   Regular blog posting can sometimes be neglected when you are busy dealing with all the other important parts of your business. We are happy to create and post content on your blog as long as you can give us a general topic. We make sure to include quality keywords in all of our blogging.
    •   Is your content in the right place? We use website optimization tools to test what content works best where. Once our testing is complete, we arrange your site accordingly.